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The new tool – which is located on the site – shows all gas supply deals for consumers in medium low pressure, all offers of electricity supply in low voltage, with and without time discrimination, and all joint bids, allowing the hiring of the supply of gas and electricity with the same marketer. In total, about 29 million electric customers and 7 million gas consumers can use the comparator.

Use of the comparator only requires the introduction of annual consumption (gas and / electricity), the power installed (in electricity) and its geographic location. Once these data are entered, the comparator presented the listing with all the supply offerings available on the market for the provision of selected features. The comparator sorts the search results by annual supply price in the first year (including taxes). Along with the offers on the market, also shows the annual price of the supply based on the rates of last resort, as well as rate social bond”electric.

To develop this software tool, which aims to “facilitate consumers the comparative prices and offers in a simple and personalised services”, the Government empowered the CNE, at the beginning of the year 2010, to request bids aimed at consumers of electricity and gas marketers. So they have done and the comparator already has 400 deals hanging and accessible to all consumers. For each listing offer, by clicking on “view detail” is accessed an annual invoice tab in the detail of the calculation of the estimated annual amounts.

From this tab you can access other features tab, which shows detailed information of the offer: duration, terms of revision of prices, conditions of permanence and characteristics of additional services. This tab shows the contact address of the trader, the consumer should be directed to which to hire offer. To make it even easier, the National Energy Commission has prepared an explanatory video (you can see it in our section) of the operation of this tool. Offers comparator of the CNE also includes an option for cheaper supply of green electricity.

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Updated references to publications, requirements and applicable regulations, it replaces acknowledgement of the Institution of Electrical Engineers’ IEE Rules with BS7671. Through the use of our gas and electricity comparison site more affordable energy bargains can be found by you in minutes – all you have to do is answer some simple questions and we’ll supply you with offers and the latest tariffs from each of the leading energy companies.

Our support permits you to see how much, tells you precisely which tariff you are switching too and also allows you to pick your payment systemYour provider’s electricity is generate from resources that are sustainable.

Even though , British Gas, Scottish Power, Npower, SSE and EDF have announced they have or soon will shave 1.3% to 5.1% off their gas costs following enormous political pressure associated with A – 20%-30% drop in wholesale costs, the best bargains are still for switchers.

Yet these are only on their conventional variable tariffs – which indicates those benefiting from price cuts can still actually save GBP200+/yr by switching to the cheapest deals of the market’s.